NEW from May 2022
This is how I feed my child: A look into the infant feeding practices of Black mothers living with HIV in North America and Africa.

This community report was developed by Lê & Co. Consultants, based on the research findings of the Critical Research to Advance Infant Feeding (CRAIF) team. Available in English only. Available for public download soon.

Coming soon in 2022: Lessons learned in advancing healthcare for African, Caribbean, and Black communities in Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 2021: A practical guide on how to talk about vaccination.

This guide, available in English and French, summarizes the work of Maxime Lê’s thesis on online anti-vaccination in Canada (downloaded over 2000 times), proposes elements that affect public confidence in vaccination, provides readers with concrete examples of arguments that vaccine hesitant groups will promote, and culminates in a list of tips and tricks to decrease vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine confidence that are based on FBI negotiation techniques, which work like a magic tick. Not available for public download. Contact us today to request a copy.

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