Consulting services


Lê & Co. Consultants can offer you a variety of bilingual
consulting services in the field of communication, public health
and science.


  • Specific or overall communications strategy and planning
  • Crisis communication
  • Public and Media relations services
  • Social media, Marketing and Design services
  • Internal and external communications audits
  • Communication campaign design and execution

Strategic project management

  • Managing short-to-long-term consultations
  • Policy and strategy development
  • Internal and external capacity building
  • Change / transformation management
  • Interim leadership


  • Specific or overall public or stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Patient engagement
  • Stakeholder relations and management, consultations
  • Facilitating focus groups or engagement sessions
  • Public engagement campaign design and execution
  • Lobbying services

Research and analysis

  • Audience / target market research and analysis
  • Public opinion research and analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Knowledge translation
  • Report production

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