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We are proud to have been & be able to support the communication needs of a variety of clients, from non-profits to academia to hospitals. 

Some of our clients include…

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Image description: a collection of logos of a selection of Lê & Co. Consultants’ clients.

Left column, from top to bottom: Patient Advisors Network, Institut du Savoir Montfort (Montfort Research Institute), The Intrinsic Practice.

Right column, from top to bottom: Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, ACCESS Open Minds, Collaborative Critical Research for Equity and Transformation in Health Lab (CO-CREATH Lab), University of Ottawa Faculty of Health Sciences.

How we work

It’s in our name! At Lê & Company, we have access to a wide network of communications specialists who have the expertise, experience & skills in a variety of topics & fields. We work collaboratively to provide you with the guidance you need to achieve your objectives.

Our growing Roster of Experts are knowledgeable in:

  • Misinformation & false narratives
  • Democratic decision-making, science governance
  • Health & science policy
  • Gender-based violence
  • Sexual & reproductive health
  • Mental health & wellness
  • Environmental health
  • Global health

Our team also has the skills in everything communication:

  • Branding / re-branding
  • Advertising design & marketing
  • Copy-writing, reviewing, editing & bilingual translations
  • Graphic design, including print / reports / publications, & digital media
  • Web design


Maxime Lê is from Canada’s capital, Ottawa, the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg people. He is fully bilingual in both French & English. He founded Lê & Co. Consultants in the fall of 2020, right in the middle of a global pandemic.

He holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication, specializing in Science, Society and Public Policy from the University of Ottawa. He also completed an Honor’s Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. His thesis focused on identifying the various types of online anti-vaccine arguments in Canada, & has presented his findings to a variety of academic & government entities.

His extracurriculars include being a patient advisor at The Ottawa Hospital since 2017, & sitting on various boards & committees, such as the Board of Directors of the Patient Advisors Network, & committees like the University of Ottawa President’s Advisory Committee on Mental Health and Well-being, amongst others.

Maxime has personally contributed to the realization of many health & science-related projects, both in the non-profit & private sector, for government & industry alike. He brings several years of experience in government, the Canadian healthcare system, & more. More on him here.

Some of his noteworthy achievements include…

  • Successfully lobbied the Government of Canada’s House of Commons’ Standing Committee for Health by defending the position of an interest group, & passing into law a bill that now keeps young Canadians healthier
  • Becoming the first Patient Advisor to participate in an International Surgical Safety Conference & provide valuable feedback on his experience in implementing among the world’s first novel surgical technologies in Canada
  • Managing the expectations of multiple parties in regards to patient-safety, medical care, & more
  • Excelling in & demanding the development synergistic models of evidence-informed decision making & democratic engagement, in relation to health & science.
  • Developing a valuable network of influential & knowledgeable partners.

Why Communicate in Health & Science?

Health & Science are the foundations of our modern society, & are natural beacons that all, if not most, people have a vested interest in. Managing a tough situation with various stakeholders knocking at your door can definitely get tense, stressful, & tricky, so knowing how to manage expectations of all interest groups & using effective communication can reduce the burden of information & help you make better informed decisions.

Economically speaking, good health means better productivity. It also means happier citizens. You can see where this is going. Health affects every single individual directly, so communicating how your policy directly affects each interest group is key to retaining their support.

Science, for its part, also poses a challenge. Some put Science on a pedestal, & others totally resent it. It may not have all the answers, but for those that believe it does, you must know how to diffuse accusations should something go wrong in your research or in your outcomes for example. In public health, science communication is imperative to make sure your vaccination campaigns can be effective & well-received.

If you are involved in any capacity in Health & Science, then you must communicate, communicate, communicate. If you’d like our help, contact us to learn more.

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