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Welcome to Lê & Co. Consultants. We are a modern, bilingual consulting service specialized in communication & public health and science located in the heart of Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

Communication is at the core of everything we do: dealing with anxious patients in a triage unit, figuring out the best way to tell our employees about our new business plan, and informing our citizens about our policies and our plans to govern.

Communication may seem like a particularly daunting task in our technologically mediated reality, but it is an imperative to our success – it is necessary to thrive, just like oxygen is to our lungs.

Here’s how we can help.

Are you…

  • Looking to develop a public engagement plan?
  • Needing a team to lead consultations?
  • Hoping to make your public health messages more appealing?
  • Get overall communications guidance?
  • Design your communications strategy?
  • Mitigate public relations crises and respond to them when they happen?

Whatever your interests and objectives may be, and if you are involved in any capacity related to decisions in health and / or science, you need to communicate effectively.

Bad communication leads to misinformation, and also leaves us vulnerable accusations of disinformation, both of which are risks you must protect yourself against, should you want your plans to materialize, should you want your objectives to be achieved, and should you want public opinion to sway your way.

Whatever project you had in mind, let’s have a chat over coffee (virtually, henceforth). Contact us now to book a time. If you want to learn more about what we can do, download our brochure (available in French and English) here.